Donate a BHOOMI Blanket

Love BHOOMI but don't have a growing bump or a new Mum to gift one to? 

The 'Pay It Forward' Project is about helping new parents during testing times. With this discounted purchase we will donate the blanket to a maternity ward within Australia for parents of a baby in the NICU so they can share precious skin-to-skin time together. 

"Skin-to-skin time between mum and baby is even more important for a premature baby or baby in special care. This contact, also called 'kangaroo mother care', helps to keep your baby's heart rate, breathing rate and temperature steady, much more so than in a humidicrib." - Australian Breastfeeding Association. 

The colour donated will depend on stock availability.

 BHOOMI babe donates money from every blanket purchased between Stillbirth Foundation Australia and Still Aware - read The Brand page for more info.